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Taking a Break for the Holiday Weekend

MailboxTees is officially taking 10 days off before the pre-holiday madness- but will be back with interesting stories, adventures, and things to share in early December!

And even though this is a minor hiatus and not "The End," here is a cool flickr set of "The End" part of movies, via BoingBoing.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Crazy Gravestones from Concord, Mass

I was out in Boston a few weeks ago, and spent a couple hours in Concord, Mass, which is you know, where that whole "shot heard round the world" thing went down. Right in town there's an old cemetery with some Revolutionary era gravestones. We spotted a couple of odd ones, like this one where they misspelled the guy's name and had to fix their "typo":

And this one, which due to the old-timey script, I first read as "Having laid down the f-word with honor..." but it's sword. Not fword. Heh.

Manga Comic for Wine Connoisseurs

"The Drops of God" is a manga comic about wine. The story follows 2 brothers on a quest for some legen...wait for it...dary wines.

Instead of boring ol' wine talk like "buttery and oaky" they bust out stuff like:

'"Just like a classic rock concert!” says one brother after taking a sip of a 2001 Mont-Pérat. “Like walking in a quiet forest being followed by two butterflies,” exclaims the other brother.'

Well. I'm not exactly sure what being followed by butterflies tastes like from an oenological point of view, but I'm totally using that kinda prose to impress people at my next dinner party.

[via xorsyst]

Gorgeous High Chair

Let's dispense with all of the "oh but it's so impractical" talk and just all agree that this high chair by Christopher Kurtz is AMAZING.

The adult chair ain't too shabby either...

[via Apartment Therapy]

I'm Cancelling My Trip to Houston

This is old (as you can see by the date) but this computer error makes it look pretty damn unpleasant in Houston. Is this what hell freezing over looks like?

[via Gizmodo]

Turn These Glasses Upside Down to Make Them Sunglasses

Sunglasses one way, glasses the other way. Just flip 'em upside down and you've got whatever you need.

I can't tell if these are really cool or insanely tacky. I'd have to see them on someone... oh, here we go.

Um... still confused. I think tackycool.

How to: Rickroll Halloween Costume (But Nobody Got It)

This Halloween I eschewed my usual political/news costume ideas in favor of internet meme costume ideas. And lo, the Rickroll costume concept was born. What if the front of me could look normal, and then when someone started talking to me, I could flip around and be Rick Astley? So, we decided to make 2 Rickrolls representing 2 of his really really nice outfits from the video. We wore our clothes backwards. We wore hats and velcroed life-size laminated Rick Astley heads (printed out at home, laminated at Kinko's, cut to size, sticky velcro) to the back. Then when someone started talking to our fronts, we would flip around, switch on the song, and start backwards dancing. This is what we look like from the back (remember our fronts look pretty normal):

Pretty freaky, eh? Too bad at the first party we went to only about 15% of the people knew what a Rickroll was and at the 2nd party only about 10% knew. I guess we are actually an average of 88.5% 87.5% dorkier than the majority of people at those parties. Shoot. Well, we tried.

(If you are reading this and you still don't know what a Rickroll is then chances are you are probably actually not reading it anymore but in case you are, here you go. )

Stools Made From Rolled Up Newspapers

Recycling at its best! These stools are made from rolled up recycled newspapers.

[via Craft:]

Super Cool Spidery Shoe Holder

Wouldn't want to stick some of my more skanky kicks into this pretty wall sculpture, but if you just held out your very best party shoes this would be rather stunning!

[via Pan-Dan]

Hose Radiator Bends to Your Whims

This amazing radiator is in a hose shape so you can bend it, coil it, or stuff it under your bed. As an ex-Brooklyn resident with a crazy loud and hissy radiator who was like part of the family, I think this looks absolutely fabulous.

[via Yanko Design]